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This site specializes in antique and collectible firearms of all eras and types including: flintlock,  percussion, cartridge and patent  ignition, rifles ,pistol, carbines and muskets and civil war era revolvers and carbines.

Civil War era: Revolvers made by Colt, Remington, Star, Savage, Smith & Wesson,Merwin & Hulbert.Civil War era carbines and rifles  by Springfield Harpers ferry and other Union and confederate arsenals, Civil war Carbines by Sharps, Spencer. Smith, Joslyn, Ball, Triplet & Scott, Winchester, Sharps & Hankins, Maynard, Star.

Kentucky or Pennsylvania style Flintlock and percussion  rifles, over and  under double barrel percussion rifles, plains rifles. Flintlock and percussion  martial rifles, muskets and pistols by North, Johnson Ames, Evens, North and Cheney. Chicago Palm pistols, Gaulois squeezer pistols Minneapolis Palm Pistols, Rodgers knife pistols. French and British martial flintlock and  percussion pistols rifles and carbines,.including Naval (Sea Service ) and Dragoon  models and Tower. Derringers, both percussion and cartridge, made by Derringer, Star,  Colt,  Remington, National.

Remington Civil War Revolver

Remington Civil War Revolver

I have been collecting, buying, selling and shooting antique and modern firearms, cartridges and related items since I was fifteen years old. Much has changed, but gun collectors still form a fraternity of guys who enjoy owning a piece of history. It is my pleasure to be able to offer historical arms to the collector and to interact with people with the same interests. I try to describe the guns I have for sale as accurately as possible so that you will be pleased when you receive that newly purchased item.

I always give a 3 day right of return privilege no questions asked if buyer is not 100% satisfied for a full return of the purchase price. This return privilege and refund does not include installment purchases or shipping costs.  I try to take the best and most complete pictures possible, but please call me if you have any questions about anything including condition, payment arrangements, shipping, foreign sales etc.

My cell phone number is (305)968-0106 call anytime between 9:00-8:00PM eastern standard time. Sales must be finalized by phone.

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